Waiting list  
We will send you an adoption Application to fill
Please Do NOT Send  A DEPOSIT before you are    
accepted ..
The Nursery  This is the action room  Where the parents breed and where the pups are Whelped and for the
first 4  to 5 weeks they grow & play in the Nursery daily and when they turn 5 weeks We bring out their
Exercise pen into the computer room where they see everything going on and get used to things like the
vacuum, Music, T.V. Other dogs. They are Picked up and hugged and played with daily.  Below is their yard
to play safely with a wooden fence.
We live near Boise Id.  Bichons have  wonderful Temperaments,
They are non shedding
But they do require brushing.
As they set on their favorite place Your LAP.
The Bichon Frise is a companion pet, meaning they don't do well being alone,
They miss their family.
They are house pet, no outside living for these little guys.
But if your going camping count them in, going on a hike don't forget them.
Want a road trip? We're going to the beach? Goody!! Goody!!! Lets load up
They are a hardy breed,  But I repeat  They are first YOUR Companion
& Best friend  treat your baby kindly.
After a full day of fun,  a nice warm Bath is in  order ~

Congratulations Tom & Betty from
Boise with their little Buttons
This is Archie
lives in Canada
I  went to my new home and found that
this cat is my Favorite toy
Trooper now Cooper
lives in Boise    

adoption application
OH!!!!   Your a dirty baby     
Oh thats so much better