OH! P.S    Did I mention
they do get Dirty?
Let it dry  with out touching the dirty area
It brushes right out.   Well mostly   lol
Geez guys  LOOK AT THAT!  In our Nursery,  
They look just like us? Don't  they?
Maybe these are models, or something like
that huh?
But why are they just setting on the wall?
Thanks for stopping by Bichons Dressed In White
y love other small animals... Most of all they Love their family.
The have Eyes That Sparkle and have shading called Halos
around those eyes that hi-light
 their famous Bichon look  
Taz! Get out of the Snow Buddy. You will  
freeze your little bottom
This is Baby Molly ratting out Toby
Look at Toby!   MOM!
He got into the leaves Dad raked up  
Thanks for the Picture Frank & Kathy
First outing in the snow
Glad this isnt a pig in a blanket
YA RIGHT!  A pup in
a bowl  
Talking with Auggie's new Dad & Mom Jerry & Gloria
Havanese  and sired by Raylan Our Bichon
See what they are!  
From pure bred parents that have  been tested  by the OFA.
and have had their
eyes cerf.
BICHONS in color