Our clients include:  ABCSDEF Inc.; Abig Corp.; Williams and Napa;
GT&E; Wahoo; Suny, Inc.; Macrosoft, Inc.; The New York Chronicle
Our list of satisfied clients includes Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop
shops, international business clients and private individuals. Our experience
and professionalism guide every case, no matter how big or small.

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Breeding Our two sweetest breeds the
Havanese and the Bichon , both are
100 % pure breeds
The Havanese and the Bichon,
Both Parent have earned their O.F.A.
Good to excellent & Eye Certification
as Good. Puppies Come with
Guarantee on Congenital Problems.
With outstanding results for the
Health & perfect Companion.
Walla!!!!!! We Got the HAVACHON
Our Experience In Havachons
Meet this  guy!   We are calling him "Archie"..Such a love.
He's a joy, when he runs he looks like a bunny then he goes
into full run, you cant catch me, brother Trooper.
Well this is me being
Malled by my kids ,
and loving every
minute We have with
Our cell # 1 208 936 5464  
AH !! And This is "Trooper" he's truly a heart stealer. He
has light tan halo, but don't let that fool ya ..He's a go
getter and catches his Brother.